the purpose of our voice

on the lived experience of mental health issues by South Australians for South Australians

our voice magazine provides a space to speak and read about the ‘real’ experience of mental health issues. It offers hope and resources for people to use and access no matter where they are in their experience of mental health and wellness.


our voice magazine aims to


-> give voice to our lived experiences with mental health issues

-> create dialogue and awareness between the various perspectives of lived experience

-> help us know that we are not alone and challenge stigma

-> explore recovery ideas, strategies and resources

-> discover and share the supports that are available in South Australia


The future of our voice is in the hands of South Australians with a personal connection to or interest in the lived experience of mental health issues. The hope would be that the magazine continues and is delivered to an ever wider audience. A goal is to have printed copies accessible and visible to ALL South Australians. The magazine will evolve and it will magnify.

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