The Fifth National Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Plan

By COAG Health Council          [Download Resource]


‘Ultimately the Fifth Plan aims to improve the lives of people living with a mental illness and the lives of their families, carers and communities. While there is still much room for improvement across the health system, the Fifth Plan is ambitious in its intent and promises to positively address the inadequacies and inefficiencies experienced by individuals currently using the mental health service system’


Key Content Areas:

  • Introduction
  • Governance commitments
  • Measuring and reporting on change
  • Priority areas 1-8
  • Implementation


Governments recognise and emphasise the role of consumers and carers in overseeing improvements to mental health care. They promote consumer and carer participation in policy and oversight, and co-design of models of care and service and program reform. Co-design has developed internationally as an inclusion principle for delivery of public services. Service recipients are seen as critical partners in service design, planning, implementation and evaluation. The Fifth Plan will ensure the principle of inclusivity is embedded in the approach to implementation, with consumers and carers involved at all levels.
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