South Australian Mental Health Act 2009 (Version: 14.12.2017)

By The Parliament of South Australian          [Download Resource]


‘An Act to make provision for the treatment, care and rehabilitation of persons with severe mental illness with the goal of bringing about their recovery as far as is possible; to confer powers to make orders for community treatment, or inpatient treatment, of such persons where required; to provide protections of the freedom and legal rights of persons with mental illness; and for other purposes’


Key Content Areas:

  • Objects and guiding principles
  • Voluntary inpatients
  • Orders for treatment of persons with mental illness
  • Orders for treatment as inpatient of persons with mental illness
  • Treatment and care plans
  • Regulation of prescribed psychiatric treatments
  • Further protections for persons with mental illness
  • Powers relating to persons who have or appear to have mental illness
  • Arrangements between South Australia and other jurisdictions
  • Reviews and appeals
  • Administration


Mental health services should be designed to bring about the best therapeutic outcomes for patients, and, as far as possible, their recovery and participation in community life.
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