contribute to our voice

share your lived experience through interview, narratively or creatively; add your name or remain anonymous

our voice is for South Australians by South Australians and everyone is called on to contribute or participate in ways that are meaningful for them. This includes individuals, carers, workers and services through writing (prose and poetry), art pieces, photography, interviews and service promotion. our voice cannot be realised by one person alone and would mean a lot less if it was. 

As the person initiating this project I – Ellie Hodges – am reluctant to place too much editorial control over contributions. The aim is to have this magazine be as broadly representative of the lived experience of mental health in South Australia as possible and therefore needs to be flexible and open with submissions.

If you have an idea and want to talk it through or if you would like to sponsor or help this project make it to print please make contact. You can remain anonymous if you wish or use only your first name. All contributions are gratefully accepted. It would mean so much to myself and many others for you to help make our voice a reality.



Email questions or submissions to or call Ellie on 0422 888 157

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