Review of key attributes of high-performing person-centred healthcare organisations

By Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care          [Download Resource]


‘The purpose of the review was to identify and understand the key attributes that enable a healthcare organisation to deliver high-quality person-centred care. It was designed to produce focused, practical and action-orientated information.

The review complements the NSQHS Standards. It aims to provide practical information to assist healthcare organisations to identify action that may help them meet the requirements of the NSQHS Standards, and move towards high performance in person-centred care’


Key Content Areas:

  • The context and rationale for person-centred care
  • Understanding the ideal person-centred patient journey
  • Key attributes of high-performing person-centred healthcare organisations
  • Person-centred care and the NSQHS Standards
  • Case Studies


The patient’s journey, as well as their experience of care, is influenced by both the way they are treated as a person and by the way they are treated for their condition. Both are important but they are delivered differently … Quality and safety outcomes of care are largely guided by structures and processes, but it is how they are implemented by individuals that determine the patient experience and outcome.
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