National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards user guide for measuring and evaluating partnering with consumers

By Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care           [Download Resource]


‘Although consumer partnerships are becoming more embedded in the health system, measurement and evaluation of these partnerships has often been limited. Some aspects of partnerships are included in commonly used measurement processes such as patient experience surveys. However, there has not been a systematic approach to measuring and evaluating consumer partnerships in Australia. Monitoring, measuring and evaluating consumer partnerships is vital to ensure that these partnerships achieve their objectives and meet the needs of patients, carers, families, consumers, the workforce and the health service.

The purpose of this user guide is to provide an overview of the key concepts and issues that should be addressed when measuring and evaluating consumer partnerships, and to inform the development of evaluation and monitoring plans for the Partnering with Consumers Standard’


Key Content Areas:

  • Partnering with consumers
  • Measurement and evaluation
  • Collecting data about partnering with consumers
  • Measuring and evaluating consumer partnerships and the NSQHS Standards
  • Strategic approach to partnering with consumers


Effective partnerships exist when consumers are treated with dignity and respect, when information is shared with them, and when participation and collaboration in healthcare processes are encouraged and supported to the extent that consumers choose.
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