National Framework for Consumer Involvement in Cancer Control

By Cancer Australia and Cancer Voices Australia          [Download Resource]


‘The National Framework for Consumer Involvement in Cancer Control (The Framework) aims to support organisations committed to involving consumers in cancer control and has been designed to facilitate consistent approaches to consumer engagement. It is a national resource which complements jurisdictional frameworks, policies and tools already in place. The evidence is that where consumers are viewed as equal and integral members of health services, cancer research groups and policy development, there will be improved outcomes and experiences for those affected by cancer. In addition, meaningful consumer engagement can build a trusted and confident health service.

This Framework offers principles to govern consumer engagement and elements and guidance which can be adapted to local circumstances.

While the Framework has been developed for cancer control it may be transferable to other areas of health care, research and policy development’


Key Content Areas:

  • National Framework for Consumer Involvement in Cancer Control
  • Core Principles of Consumer Engagement in Cancer Control
  • Key Elements of the Framework
  • Criteria for each Framework Element
  • Consumer Involvement
  • Types of Consumer Involvement
  • Consumer involvement spanning the cancer pathway


Engaging consumers in all aspects of cancer control adds a depth of knowledge that complements cancer control strategies with the reality and practicality of the consumer experience. The increasing complexity of health care requires a system which engages with the beneficiaries of care and moves away from a focus of acting upon rather than with.
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