Health as a Social Movement: The Power of People in Movements

By Jacqueline del Castillo, Halima Khan, Lydia Nicholas & Annie Finnis for Nesta          [Download Resource]


‘The purpose of this report is to bring greater clarity to social movements in health, explore their potential value, stimulate further debate and propose a platform of action going forward. This report illuminates the value and power of people working together in movements to improve health and healthcare. It aims to foster further debate, experiments and development of a practice around social movements for health’


Key Content Areas:

  • The time is ripe for social movements in health
  • How social movements impact health and care
  • Communicating the role of movements
  • Social movement fundamentals
  • Productively engaging with movements
  • Proposed future work


The capacities of the public are extraordinary; they understand communities’ needs and can identify solutions because they are those communities; they are experts of experience. Their support is mission-critical to developing a sustainable healthcare system and culture that delivers for all
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